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Liability Insurance covers unintentional negligence on the part of the library that cause injury or perceived injury to others or to their property, which may result in liability lawsuits or claims against the library.

Types of libraries we insure:

Rural and suburban public libraries and special libraries, such as medical, law, research or other special collections.

In addition to General Liability, Property, Business Income, Commercial Auto and Workers Compensation we offer the following:

  • Library Property Floater
  • Coverage for books, audio books, DVDs, electronic media, fine arts and more
  • Simple valuation method establishes agreed values upfront
  • Coverage on premises, in transit, in bookmobiles and in the care of a borrower
  • Freezing or freeze drying for preservation after a loss which is critical for preserving rarer volumes
  • Legal Liability Coverage (similar to Directors & Officers)
  • Broad protection for officers, trustees and volunteers
  • Defense coverage for suits seeking monetary damages and/or injunctive relief (e.g., censorship of a book)
  • Crisis Events
  • Cyber Breach
  • Identity Recovery for head and assistant librarians